Sistema de calzos automático para camiones en muelle de carga

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Welcome to a pneumatic system to lock up Block truck wheels. Its most common application is to block the wheels on the truck in the loading direction output to prevent over loading / Hats can download separate truck loading dock. This is to prevent the forklift driver in a crash trying to access a truck that has gone before concluding with the loading / discharge.

Calzos automáticos para bloqueo de camion en muelle de carga

Chocks to block automatic truck loading in Muelle

These systems are usually installed automatic Block with two variants, bien con un sistema de una línea por muelle de carga, bien con un sistema de dos líneas por muelle situadas en paralelo, en este segundo caso se minimiza la distancia máxima calzo/rueda, además con dos líneas en paralelo hay mayores posibilidades de que un mayor número de ruedas queden bloqueadas por el sistema de calzos. For more information on automatic Block, visit this section.

In somo Dexve sespecialistas industrial equipment for cargo handling and special safety systems as the automatic locking cap for truck loading docks. If you have any questions about our products or are looking for some kind of equipment do not hesitate to ask, We specialize in advising our clients on posibilidadeds the market can offer in terms of industrial machinery.

Calzos automaticos para bloqueo ruedas vehiculos y camiones en muelle de cargaAUTOMATIC shims
Calzos automaticos para bloqueo ruedas vehiculos y camiones en muelle de carga
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